Come see what the Montessori Method of education looks like at CHMS.  Join us for a tour, learn about our philosophy and programs, observe our classrooms in action, and meet with our Head of School Ms. Denise Touma.

Steps For Admission:

  1. Complete Inquiry Form or Candidate Registration Form
  2. Attend Private Tour
  3. Submit Application Fee
  4. Attend Play Date
  5. Receive Enrollment Decision

Complete Inquiry Form or Candidate Registration Form

Click “Inquiry Form” and CHMS will contact you to schedule a private tour.

Click “Candidate Registration Form” and CHMS will contact you to schedule a private tour AND a Play Date.

Attend Private Tour

Our parent-only private tours allow you to observe our four preschool classrooms and toddler classroom.  You will learn more about the CHMS philosophy and view how our students work in a peaceful Montessori environment.

Submit Application Fee 

You may pay the $70 non-refundable application fee by clicking the button below.

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Attend Play Date

A Play Date is an opportunity for parents to observe how your child engages in our Montessori classroom, with the guidance of a Montessori Directress.  In addition, you will continue to learn more about CHMS from our Head of School.

Receive Enrollment Decision 

We will make enrollment decisions for the coming school year within 1 week of your Play Date.  When your child is offered a placement, you will need to submit the first month of tuition within one month of receiving your acceptance letter.  This payment secures your child’s space for the upcoming school year.

If CHMS is unable to offer your child a space, we will place your child’s name on our waitlist. The Head of School will contact you if a space becomes available.

CHMS adheres to Montessori educational principles and promotes a multi-ethnic perspective that recognizes and celebrates the diverse cultural perspectives and beliefs of our staff and families. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, gender, or religious or political beliefs.